"Everyone is a mentor, there is always someone watching, so do the right thing".

For decades we have heard the expression ... "those that can, play... those that can't, teach". Today's millennium musician is committed to both disciplines. Michael has always kept balance in his career never forgetting his mentors and pursuing that great tradition of sharing the love of jazz music.

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Musicfest Canada Participation 2006-2017
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Music Fest Nationals Ottawa 2006
London Regional Music Fest 2006
Golden Horseshoe Music Fest 2007
Music Fest Windsor 2007
Trillium OMEA Conference 2007
Kiwanis Vancouver Jazz Music Fest 2009
Collingwood Jazz Music Fest 2009
B.C. Interior MF 2009
West Coast Jazz MF 2009
Glorioso BCMEA Conference 2009
Chilliwack MF 2010
B.C. Interior MF 2010
Southern Ontario Band Festival Oshawa 2011
Brandon Jazz MF 2011
London Regional Musicfest 2012
Celebrate Music Walkerton 2012
B.C. Interior Jazz Musicfest 2013
Prince George Fanfare Musicfest 2013
OMEA Conference London Ontario 2014
Rockyview Musicfest Calgary 2016
Musicfest London Ontario 2016
Musicfest Terrace BC 2016
Envision Jazz Musicfest - Surrey B.C.2017
Fanfare Musicfest - Prince George 2017
Below are some of the presentations available. Inclusion of your festivals values in the creative process in choosing the right clinic is encouraged.

Figures Made Easy
Learn how to fast track reading of jazz ensemble rhythm figures using a new approach to scatting solfège. Great artists like Dizzy Gillespie have been using this concept for years but not in a concise package. The key is that most students are not comfortable in singing a one bar figure, let alone a four or more bar phrase. Most teachers are comfortable teaching scales and chords but are challenged to help a student learn the rhythm.
This approach also greatly improves improvisational skills by giving the student the ability to recognize licks and lines they hear on their favourite tunes. Articulation is built into this system!
Geared to middle school through high school jazz ensembles.

Be A Team Player Part I
"Getting Started"
Percussion should be fun! The key to development of your percussion section is in knowing how to make it enjoyable. Learn the tips and tricks that will save you time, promote forward progress and develop team spirit.

Be A Team Player Part II
"Prep Is Everything"
You can’t play the part if the gear is not accessible! Learn how to cover most of the parts for three players with must two or even one percussionist. Pit players today are more and more asked to cover two books ... sound familiar? Positioning of equipment and how to apply your mallets and sticks effectively are but a couple of the many trade secrets to be shared in this clinic. "You really want me to play tap shoes?"

Be A Team Player Part III
"Prep - The Clave is Key Is Everything”
Latin Style? Yes, there is a difference in how to play Latin styles. Fast track your understanding of Latin Grooves found in contemporary concert band and jazz ensemble charts. Unlock the mystery of standard percussion gear to effectively perform the musical styles of the Caribbean & South America. Focus on Cha Cha / Samba / Bossa Nova & Calypso.

Buzz Roll Basics
"Developing A Good Buzz Roll"
All young percussionists seem to find the buzz roll a mystery and most teachers are at a loss to help them. Come see how quickly you can improve your technique. This is a hands-on workshop, all equipments will be supplied. Intermediate/Senior Levels.

The Business of Music
Round Table Discussion focusing on the carers available in the changing music market. Open mic Q & A highlighting the history of opportunities in music from 1960s through to the present. Gain insight into what courses are available to students at the post secondary level where those courses will take them. Discussion of how the industry has changed and what has maintained a constant place.

Michael has presented workshops / clinics & master classes at the following:
University of Ottawa, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Windsor, University of Waterloo, Brandon University Edmonton, Fort Richmond Collegiate Edmonton, Vincent Massey Collegiate Edmonton, Westwood Collegiate Edmonton, John Taylor Collegiate Edmonton, University of Western Ontario Music Fest Canada, Capilano College Vancouver. Ontario Music Educators Conference Trillium Event 2006 and British Columbia Music Educators Conference in Glorioso in Surrey BC.
"As a member of Nexus for over thirty years, and as the former principal percussionist in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (NY), I have had the good fortune to attend numerous performances and workshops by many of the world’s leading percussionists. I believe Mr. Wood possesses a combination of skills and musicianship that enables him not only to inspire professional percussionists, but also to touch concert audiences with his music making."

        William Cahn

"Michael brings years of experience and a dynamic love of percussion to every clinic. He is an excellent performer, whose flexibility in moving from mallet instrument to mallet instrument is a delight for everyone involved."

        Greg Edwards / Westwood Collegiate Winnipeg

"..... thanks for making the planning and organization of the event so easy. I’m not always so fortunate to be able to work with the rarest of species - the organized musician."

        Hali Krawchuck/ University of Ottawa

"The Rhythm Section workshop was an awesome opportunity for the kids to get credible information from a top flight musician."

        Rich Sumstead - St. Marys District Collegiate

"Michael Wood's rendition of "Psalm for E.M." offers the listener a rich musical and deeply sensitive experience. An absolutely beautiful performance of a beautiful piece."

        Don Quantz, PhD. Chair of the Music Department, Ambrose University, Calgary - Concert March 22, 2016 Ambrose University, Calgary

"Michael worked with my middle school band students during our 2016 Pacifc Northwest Music Festival and you can tell he genuinely enjoys the crazy energy of teenagers! He was keen to share his love of music with musicians of all levels and abilities in his adjudications and workshops. He was very human, down to earth and communicated well with the groups. Michael was warm and interested in the students and directors as real people with stories, not just a horde of players with instruments. Michael really inspired my jazz band rhythm section and solved a problem we were having in our Latin piece. The kids felt encouraged to try new rhythms and ideas. My brand new jazz bass player was very pleased with the praise she received from Michael and came to the next rehearsal even more eager to play. Thanks Michael!"

        Susan Brouwer, Skeena Middle School, Terrace, BC. - April 2016

"It was an honour to have Michael Wood as an adjudicator at the Rocky View Jazz Festival in March of 2016. Michael was a perfect fit for the event as he easily moved through the required roles of adjudicator, educator, and performer. His infectious love of mallet percussion and jazz combined with an amazing performance ability filled our students with wonder and delight. His adjudications were inspiring, his clinics engaging and his performances amazing."

        Lael Johnston , Music Director, Chestermere High School

"Thanks for the great work you did with our B.C. Kids this year! We take away with us some really awesome tips, the "Duke Ellington Handshake", and some really unique insights on "What's Your Job ? -> Making everyone else look pretty!"

        Fanfare Musicfest Prince George B.C. - Sam Nelles, Rob Hannigan, Jon Campbell & Susan Klein - April 2017

"It has been a pleasure to have Michael come to Vancouver for Envision Jazz Musicfest 2017 and school clinics. He is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does, is an excellent performer and goes to great efforts to make the planning process as organized as possible"

        Robyn Reekie. Educational Sales Division Manager at Tom Lee Music | MMus | UBC-SMEI Diploma in Sales and Marketing. Vancouver. - February 2017

"Special thanks to Ben King (sales) and Dereck Berg (technical support) at St. John's Music Calgary for their help in repairs of the vibes while in town for the 2017 "Ambrose University Day of Jazz". Greg Fisher has some great staff at the store always ready to go the extra mile. - March 2017 Also special thanks to Lael Johnston of Chestermere High School RVSD for his on going help with clinics, travel and lodging. This tour was not possible without his generous support."

B.C Interior Jazz Music Fest Kelowna Bernie Addington (Bass) and I in workshop discussing the dynamics of working in a dual setting.

Fellow adjudicators Ashley Summers & Rod Wiedman 2011 Brandon Jazz Music Fest.

West Coast Jazz Music Fest 2009 Me, Brent Jarvis (Piano), Ross Taggart (Tenor), Pat Coleman (Guitar), Ken Lister (Bass) Lina Allemano (Trumpet) with Carmella Luvisotto & Sarah Fall (Directors of the festival).

Workshop with Bill Kristjanson's Jazz Ensemble March 15/2011 Vincent Massey Collegiate Winnipeg, Manitoba Special thanks John Balsillie at St. Johns Music!

Hanging with WSO percussionists Matt Abraham, Victoria Sparks & Jeremy Epp prior to the Brandon Jazz Musicfest 2011.

Sandy Hunter of St. John's Music, Jonathon Wade Professor of Percussion University of Ottawa and Michael after the Master Class at November 14, 2008.

Clowning around at the Chilliwack Music Fest 2010 L-R: Host Shane Monkman, Band Co-coordinator Janine Webster, Adjudicator Mike Keddy Un of Victoria and Michael.

Bernie Addington (Bassist), Michael and Ross Taggart (Piano/Tenor) wearing thin during discussion of best player awards at the 2009 B.C. Interior Jazz Music Fest. These guys were so much fun!

Michael enjoys co-adjudicator William Carn (Trombonist) at the Collingwood Music Fest, March 2009.

Windsor Music Fest 2010 Kingsville Ontario.Doug Bianchi (Adj.), Sondra Gallina (Adj.), Janice Waldron (Bellair MF Ast), Chris Ingratta MF director, Ken Jones (Adj.), Rita Gatt (Bellair MF ASt.) and Michael.

Max Marshal (Bassist), Michael Wood, and Nicholas Papador Professor of Percussion, at a University of Windsor Master Class, 2007

Cuban Music Clinic with Mike Beauclerc, Bobby Carassas, Michael Wood and Mike Manny, at the Ontario Music Educator's Conference, Hunstville, 2007.

On January 7,2008 the Teen Challenge Drum Line previewed its first showcase concert with Yamaha Artist Michael Wood. The line was started on September 17th, 2007. All members are residents of the Teen Challenge Farm Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

Michael with Greg Prior (Bass) presenting master class "Vibes & the Jazz Song Book" at Wilfrid Laurier University, 2009.

University of Ottawa master class with the Professor Jonathon Wade and percussion students, 2008.

Myself with Nick Clayton, Kevin Hamlin & Mark Spencer Collingwood Jazz Musicfest 2009.

My self Greg Yasinitsky & Rich Sumstead adjudicating at the 2013 B.C. Interior Jazz Music Fest.

Prince George Musicfest B.C. 2013 Paul Vickers Adjudicator Australia, Susan Klein festival coordinator and Marilyn Kerr MusicFest Fanfare Secretary

Myself & Craig Thomson B.C. Interior Jazz Musicfest Coordinator 2013.

Jack Long founder Long & McQuade Music and myself at South London Store Launch November 7/15.

UBC Master Class - Jaelem Bhate Vibes & Angus Lam Bass.

Vern Griffith UBC Percussion Professor & I after master class.

Pacific Northwest Musicfest 2016 - Terrace BC Adjudicators Karen Gustafson, Lauren Eselson & Me.

Terrace BC. Bassist 3 months Dynamite Player! No stranger to hard work.

Susan Brouwer Brilliant Conductor Terrace BC.

Duology - Workshop Wilfrid Laurier University 2015.

Fanfare Musicfest - Prince George B.C. 2017 - Jon Campbell, Sam Nelles, Julia Nolan, Me & Rob Hannigan.

Envision Jazz Musicfest 2017 - Robyn Reekie (Tom Lee Music), me & Carol Sirianni (EJMF Coordinator).

Envision Jazz MF 2017 - Bryan Stovell, Campbell Ryga & Myself.

Envision 2017 - Hanging with the Long & McQuade Boys.