Life's lessons are sometimes hard learned; endless piano instruction playing music that didn't seem to groove at all, and theory which was such a challenge but later in life, would become my passion.

With a career that has taken him from the orchestras of the Stratford Festival and National Ballet of Canada, Michael has travelled east to west coasts. A percussionist and jazz vibist, he is equally comfortable on stage, in the orchestra pit, or the class room setting. In his tenure at Canada's Premier Theatre "The Stratford Festival" Stratford Ontario Canada, he worked with over 100 international composers in live music, on stage, as well as recorded studio sessions. His work with noted NYC Composer Stanley Silverman enabled him the opportunity to work with "James Taylor" in a compilation of works by Duke Ellington for Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens" 1993.

As a Jazz Vibist Michael has an impressive list of corporate clients and has performed at numerous music festivals and clubs in Ontario including the Heuther Hotel's "Jazz Room" in Waterloo with fellow Yamaha Artist Mike Downes and Terry Clark. His Vibraphone Master Classes have been well received at the University of Windsor, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Ottawa, Mac Master University and Western University. In addition to Michael's 32 years at Stratford, he has performed regularly in Toronto's Theatre Scene and Concert Stages including the Royal Alex, Hummingbird Centre, Elgin Theatre, Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts, The Arts Centre in Ottawa, Hamilton Place, and Kitchener's Centre in the Square.

Michael has adjudicated extensively throughout Canada as well as presented workshops for the British Columbia Music Educators' Association (BCMEA) and Ontario Music Educators' Association (OMEA) as well as the Music Fest Nationals in Ottawa. Michael's academic credits include director of the University of Waterloo's Jazz Ensemble and percussion instructor (30 yrs).


Vibraphonist Michael Wood and pianist Jim Hodgkinson first performed together at the opening of "Twelfth Night" at the Stratford Festival in 2011 - and had an immediate musical rapport. A shared interest in Canadian jazz writers, including Dave Young, Phil Nimmons and Joe Sealy, along with American composers such as Wayne Shorter, Paul Chambers and Charlie Parker has since taken them from The Jazz Room in Waterloo to concert stages and university master classes. Michael and Jim continue to combine their two keyboard instruments in distinctive musical conversations, occasionally adding a bassist.

A strong advocate for volunteering, Michael is active with Teen Challenge Farm, Habitat for Humanity and is a board member of the Ontario Percussive Arts Society.

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January 12, 2009 marked the beginning of a creative renaissance for Yamaha Artist Michael Wood, as he wrapped up a 32 year stint with Canada’s premiere theatre “The Stratford Festival”.

Pursuing his love of jazz music through education and performance venues Michael spent February and March in British Columbia participating at music fests in Kelowna, Vancouver and Nanaimo as well as Collingwood, Ontario his home province. He will be returning to B.C. this fall presenting workshops for the 2009 British Columbia Music Educators Conference. In new year Michael returns to Kelowna’s B.C. Interior M F as well as Chilliwack’s 2010 music fest.

Spring offered up opportunities to present his master class “Vibes & the Jazz Song Book” with tours to the University of Ottawa, Wilfrid Laurier and the University of Waterloo. The summer has not slowed down with many festive summer dates. This September Michael will be celebrating his 25th year as director of the U of Waterloo’s Jazz Ensemble which he considers his music mentorship.

He wishes to thank long time friend Mike Balter (Mike Balter Mallets) and Yamaha Music Canada for their support and commitment to jazz education.
My One & Only
Guys & Dolls
Anything Goes
King & I
Private Lives
Boys From Syracuse
Music Man, Cabaret
My Fair Lady
Irma La Douce
Man of LaManche
Sound of Music
South Pacific
Hello Doll
Robin Hood

With over three decades as a percussionist and jazz vibist, Michael Wood is equally comfortable on stage, in the orchestra pit, or in the class room setting.  A veteran of the Stratford Festival Orchestra as well as auxiliary percussion credits with  Canada’s National Ballet, he has performed at the Royal Alex, Hummingbird Centre, Elgin, Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts, Arts Centre in Ottawa, Hamilton Place, and Kitchener’s Centre in the Square.  

A Yamaha Artist Clinician he has adjudicated extensively in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba and presented workshops for both the BCMEA and OMEA in addition to the 2006 Music Fest Nationals in Ottawa.  Michael has been invited to present Vibraphone Master Classes at the University of Windsor, Wilfrid  Laurier University, University of Ottawa and Western.

A strong advocate for volunteering he is active with Teen Challenge Farm, Habitat for Humanity & the Ontario Percussive Arts Society. Michael wishes to thank long time endorsers Yamaha Music Canada & Mike Balter Mallets for their support and superior gear.