"One must always surround himself with the best equipment possible to present the best possible performance."

Yamaha YV3710M Glossy Finish 3 Octave:
(A-440 tunning by Fall Creek Marimba) This is a great axe easy to move, good looking and of course Yamaha dependability. I’ve owned this since 2006 working all over Ontario jobbing with no problems.

Yamaha Multi-Frame II System YVRD2700G Matte Finish 3 Octave:
(A-442 tuning original) This axe I use when in the pit and at home for my studio rehearsal setting. Highly recommend that pit players and academic settings purchase this beast. Rugged but the same great mechanics and sound.

Mike Balter     Mike Balter
  Hangin with the Mike Balter crew at PASIC 2011 Indianapolis Rick Clayburn, Myself, Jeffrey Meegan & Mike Balter.

Most of the time I use no motor as it tends to get in the way of my pianist approach. The slow motor comes in handy when laying down pad chords. I like to use different mallets in different settings. My aim is to get the riches fundamental sound with the right volume blend.

    • Dual & Trio Work: #BB26 Birch .... #54 Birch ..... #64 Rattan.
    • Quartet Work with Drums: #24 Rattan ... #23 Rattan ... #41 Rattan ...#46 Rattan.
    • Septet & Big Band: #49 Rattan ...#41 Rattan .... #22 Rattan.

I encourage you to check out the Balter and Yamaha lines.
Both these companies are great supporters of education .........